The World Has A Bank Account

“With the single ‘The World Has A Bank Account’ one might be tempted to say that songwriter Wons Phreely has risen to that classic tradition where by artist such as Springsteen or Jarvis Cocker combine dark lyrics with big bright melodies and choruses to tap into the common experiences of the generation they are coming of age within..” However that only goes some way to describing the journey that this song sets out to realise. After spending a year and a half traveling and living in and near to three of the worlds most vibrant city centers, London, Berlin and outer state New York, Wons used a diet of contemporary and classic Hip Hop, underground electro, and general partying as the basis for his new found inspiration to observe life and to funnel it all into songs. “I was living in Australia doing my music and working with a label and had nice people helping me put out my music, but one day I just decided that I wanted to stop and see the world and work out if there were other things I wanted to put my creativity into… I’d met people all over the world through my music and the internet, so I found myself living in these cites and towns in spare rooms or wherever and before I knew it I was writing all these songs about these people and lives… ‘The World Has A Bank Account’ just came out of me finding myself at a Patrick Wolf concert and there was this really bizarre, interesting, friendly girl, and as was my way with these things I just went along with it as she proceeded to tell me about her life and take me on a journey. I used a lot of the things she said directly in the song. Its about how she planned to settle down with a rich guy so that she could use his money to basically save the world, which I thought was both admirable and strange that this was how some young people saw their place in life; use other people in a sort of altruistic selfless way. I was listening to a lot of old Public Enemy and some Eminem albums, and I just thought I wouldn’t try to think too much about the things that happened or where said to me, I would just sing things as they happened and see what kind of songs came out, and that would hopefully help me to understand life and people better”…
The song was written about an American and was produced with the help of an Englishman, which maybe helped it sound a bit weird and unique…

words+music+video created by Wons Phreely


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