Working On A Dream..

As for your inquiry into the well-being and sanity of myself Id say you should could perhaps take the afore mentioned rambling as pretty pretty strong indicator towards the state of things.

And our good man Wons, you ask? Actually Wons is going alright, currently in Hamburg, he is a strong one. his new music is absolutely brilliant i feel, and he himself is very happy with it, which is important, no doubt. However on a slightly less rosey note, he has not quite the same level of certainty as to how he will best be able to share his new works with the world. Suffice to say it will be quite a challenge, as you yourself well know. This aspect is not really the artists great strength or preferred domain, and so it is with some degree of trepidation, that he is looking forward to the long battle ahead! Hopefully he can connect with like minded people and start a business of sorts that is mutually beneficial for all involved, something like the early good vibes of Motown records, but with more of a working together feel and everyone getting what they need from it.. This will be a victory against the greatest of odds!




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